Why is the Renaissance important?

There are many highly interesting periods of history to learn about, but one of the most fascinating is that which covers the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries in Italy.  The level of artistic and architectural production during this time is astounding, so much so that centuries later works produced during the …

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The Italian Peninsula

A good understanding of how the Renaissance unfolded in Italy must take into account the geography and diversity within the large Italian peninsula.  The Italy as we know it today is a relatively modern creation, and for much of its history the peninsula was controlled by various city-states which warred …

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Key Figures of the Renaissance

The names of artists and architects of many medieval works have frequently been forgotten by history.  During the Middle Ages, the creators of art were not as important as the art itself; today, medieval works are often times listed as anonymous creations rather than creations of specific people.  This started …

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Basic Ideas of the Renaissance

What was the Renaissance? The Renaissance was a period in which people started looking to the classical world (ancient Greece and Rome) with much admiration.  When they looked at history, they considered the classical world to have been a time of greatness, and that the fall of the Roman Empire …

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